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Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I GET TO YOUR STYLING STUDIO/SHOWROOM? Coming from Waikiki: Take Kalakaua Avenue heading towards Diamond Head. Take a left on to Kapahulu Ave. Stay on your right hand side. Once you have passed the H1 over head, take a right onto Waialae Ave. Go straight up to the top of the hill passing Koko Head. Take a right at 13th Ave. Park your car at our visitors parking lot on the left hand side and walk up the stairs (one floor only) to suite #203. Coming from West/North Oahu: Take H1 East to Koko Head exit. Make a left on Koko Head Avenue. Make a right on the second traffic light which is Waialae Ave. Take the first right on 13 th Ave. Park your car at our visitors parking lot on the left hand side and walk up the stairs (one floor only) to suite #203.

DO YOU HAVE FREE PARKING AVAILABLE? Yes, we have 8 visitor parking stalls available. If the parking lot is full, there is plenty of street parking and metered parking around our building.

WHAT ARE YOUR BUSINESS HOURS? We are open Mo-Wed-Fr 9 am– 2 pm. Otherwise by appointment only. Saturday & Sunday our studio/showroom is mostly closed due to weddings and/or other special events on-location.

DO YOU CUT OR COLOR HAIR AS WELL? Maleana Cosmetics is specialized in on-location and in-studio make-up & hair styling services, retail and wholesale of Maleana Cosmetics beauty products, beauty accessories, veils and jewelry. WE ARE NOT A TRADITIONAL HAIR SALON, spa or nail salon however we do have a preferred vendors list available. Feel free to e-mail us to for recommendations.

WHEN CAN IS SCHEDULE MY APPOINTMENTS? We accept complimentary consultation appointments and trial session appointments ($85.00) Mo-Fr between 9 am and 2 pm or after 6:45 pm at our styling studio. Unfortunately, we do not accept consultation/trial session appointments on weekends or holidays.

IS A PRE-WEDDING CONSULTATION NECESSARY? It’s a great idea to schedule a free 30 minute consultation at out styling studio. This is your opportunity to meet with the stylist in person to discuss different looks and styles that compliment you. We will not only listen to your ideas, but will offer you our professional opinion and expertise based on your hair color/texture, skin tone, personality, gown style & color, hair accessories and color theme. Please notify us immediately if you have sensitive skin or any make-up allergies.

WHAT HAPPENS AT THE TRIAL SESSION? A make-up and hair trial session is a good opportunity to try the look you have been dreaming of. The session lasts about 75-90 minutes and cost $85 + HI Tax. Any additional hair style change is + $30.00. The assigned stylist will do your make-up and hair as discussed at the pre-wedding consultation. After completion, we will document each step and take pictures of the final make-over from several angles. This will allow you to actually see how your make-up and hair will reflect on camera. The images will be uploaded to our online beauty gallery (password protected) where you can conveniently access your pictures at any time. Please note that the trial session fee is non refundable.

CAN I BRING MY FRIENDS TO THE TRIAL SESSION? Absolutely!! You are welcome to invite your family and friends to the trial session. Our styling studio comfortably accommodates up to 4 additional people.

SHOULD I BRING PICTURES? Yes please! Pictures or magazine tearsheets will give us a better idea of your likes and/or dislikes. If you have already chosen your gown, veil and accessories, bring pictures of it. Seeing the style, color, neckline and details of the dress allows us to give you the best styling suggestions.

HOW SHOULD I PREPARE FOR THE TRIAL SESSION? Make sure your hair is clean and dry. Come preferably with no make-up on. We recommend you wear a white tank/tube top or a strapless dress. If available, bring a picture of your dress, bring your veil, headpiece and any other accessories such as jewelry or hair clips.

I DON’T HAVE A VEIL/HEADPIECE YET. IS THAT A PROBLEM? No, we do have a unique selection of veils, hair accessories and designer jewelry at the styling studio that you can play with, try on, and even purchase if you like.

I HAVE SOME HAIRSTYLES IN MIND, WILL YOU BE ABLE TO ACCOMMODATE MY REQUEST? We try to recreate any hairstyle that you like and give you our professional advise at the same time as to what hairstyles compliment your face, gown, hair texture, length, cut and color. Feel free to bring any and all communication tools (i.e. photos, magazine clips etc.), to help us better understand your vision.

I WANT TO WEAR FRESH FLOWERS IN MY HAIR AT MY WEDDING, DO I HAVE TO BRING THEM TO THE TRIAL SESSION? You do not need to bring any flowers to your trial session as we do have a selection of silk flowers at our styling studio. On your wedding day, you or your florist can either provide the flowers or we can provide them for an additional charge.

WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH TIME FOR A CONSULTATION OR A TRIAL RUN? No worries! We have you taken care of. SKYPE US!!! An effective and time saving way to meet face-to-face with each other. Our SKYPE ID is maleanacosmetics. Nevertheless, most brides do opt to come in for a trial session. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know you and you to get to know us. It will ultimately give you peace of mind knowing that you have had a rehearsal on one of the most important days of your life.

HOW FAR IN ADVANCE SHOULD I SECURE MY APPOINTMENT WITH MALEANA COSMETICS? The sooner the better, this way you can make sure that we are available on your wedding day. We do accept bookings up to 12 months (Dorys) and 3-6 month (Maleana senior stylist) in advance. We accept bookings via phone toll free at 866.727.3663 and at 808.737.3663. You are also welcome to complete our convenient online inquiry form to receive a quote.

HOW DO I SECURE MY APPOINTMENT? A $75.00 nonrefundable deposit, a signed styling agreement form and a signed terms & conditions form are required to hold your wedding day/appointment. The deposit will be applied to your total. We do accept credit card deposit payments (Visa, MasterCard and American Express) online, over the phone or by check via mail. Please make checks payable to Maleana Cosmetics. The balance is due in full 2 days prior to your wedding day by cash, check or credit card. WE WILL NOT HOLD YOUR APPOINTMENT WITHOUT A DEPOSIT! Click here if you need a copy of the forms e-mailed to you.

IS THERE A MINIMUM BOOKING AMOUNT? Yes, our minimum booking amount is $250.00 per location (HI Tax, location, travel, early bird fee and trial session not included). Styling services performed at our styling studio do not require a minimum booking amount.

I HAVE A LARGE WEDDING PARTY, CAN YOU ACCOMMODATE THAT? Yes, we have several Maleana senior stylists at your service depending on the size of your wedding party. The largest wedding party we have styled had 21 people. Nothing is too small or large for us.

WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE TO CANCEL? If for any reason you wish to cancel our services, you must notify us immediately in writing by e-mail or mail. Your $75 deposit is unfortunately non refundable. Cancellations made 30 days or less of your wedding day will still require a FULL BALANCE PAYMENT as outlined in the styling agreement form.

WHAT HAPPENS IF MALEANA COSMETICS HAS TO CANCEL? In the unlikely event that the contracted Maleana stylist is unable to perform the services due to illness or other circumstances beyond our control, a substitute Maleana senior stylist will be dispatched in her place to fulfill the obligations set forth in the agreement. Furthermore, Maleana Cosmetics will e-mail all necessary information including the trial session styling documentation and photo composite, if available, to the replacement stylist to ensure the same desired look is provided. If time does not permit for a trial session with the replacement stylist, Maleana Cosmetics will arrange for the replacement stylist to arrive early enough so that major changes can be made after application of make-up or hair styling. All Maleana Stylists are independent contractors and have been hand selected by Maleana Cosmetics owner Dorys Foltin. Maleana Cosmetics liability and that of their independent contractors is limited to the refund of the deposit(s).

IS THERE A PENALTY FOR LAST MINUTE CHANGES? Upon availability, we always try to accommodate last minute styling service additions and there is no extra charge for that. We unfortunately do not accept complete/partial service cancellations less than 30 days.

WARRANTY AND REFUND FOR STYLING SERVICES. Unfortunately we DO NOT offer refunds or warranties on any styling services. It is the client’s sole responsibility to inform the stylist prior to leaving the location if the client is unsatisfied with the services for any reason. NO REFUND will be given for any reason after the stylist has left the location.

HOW CAN I MAKE MY $75 DEPOSIT PAYMENT? We do accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express over the phone, via our website, cash or check payments. Make checks payable to Maleana Cosmetics and mail to Maleana Cosmetics, 3705 Waialae Ave #203, Honolulu, HI 96816

HOW CAN I PAY MY FINAL BALANCE? We do require having a major credit card on file not expiring before your event date. Your final balance is due in full 2 days prior to your wedding day by credit card, cash or check (returned checks are subject to a $35 fee). Any additional services performed on wedding day will be automatically billed a la carte and charged to your credit card on file.

DO YOU COME TO MY HOUSE/HOTEL? Absolutely. We specialize in on-location services. Let us know where and when, we’ll be there!

WILL THERE BE A TRAVEL FEE? There is no travel fee for the Waikiki and Honolulu area. Locations 30 minutes away from our styling studio in Kamuki is an additional $30.00. Locations 45 minutes away from our styling studio in Kamuki is $50.00. Locations 60 minutes away from our styling studio in Kamuki is $80.00. For locations not listed please call us at 808/737-3663 for further information.

HOW MUCH IS THE LOCATION FEE? We do charge a location fee for coming to your location. Wheter it is at your home or hotel. It starts at $10 per stylist but is no more than $35. For an exact quote please feel free to call or e-mail us.

WHAT IS THE EARLIEST WEDDING YOU HAVE DONE? Well, our earliest check in was at 2 a.m. in the morning. So, everything is possible. Our early bird fee covers the early wake up calls. Check-ins between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. are $50.00, Check-ins between 5 a.m. and 6 a.m. are $100.00 and Check-ins between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. are $150.00.

DO YOU GIVE DISCOUNTS? We do offer special service upgrades for wedding parties of 4 or more and 9 or more persons. Call us at 808/737-3663 or e-mail us for more information.

HOW SHOULD MY ATTENDANTS AND I PREPARE OURSELVES? We recommend that your hair is washed (preferably the night before) and dry (blow dry with a round brush). The face should be clean with a light moisterizer on. Wear a button/zip down shirt. Have a table, chairs, 2 towels and paper tissues ready for us.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO GET EVERYONE READY? We estimate 75-90 minutes for the bride’s make-up and hair and 50-60 minutes for each additional attendant’s make-up & hair styling. Hair styling only is about 35 minutes, make-up only about 25 minutes. We always allot an extra 30 minutes to make sure everyone is ready on time and make this experience a stress-free one.

HOW MANY STYLIST WILL COME ON MY WEDDING DAY? That depends on the size of your wedding party and required styling services. But in general, if your wedding party has 4-8 people (full service) you will get 1 additional senior stylist to assist your assigned principal stylist. If your wedding party has 9-12 people (full service) you will have 2 additional senior stylists to assist your assigned principal stylist.

WHO IS STYLING THE BRIDE? The assigned principal stylist will always style the bride and up to 2 attendants (full service) unless otherwise specified in the agreement form.

WHAT HAIR PRODUCTS DO YOU USE? We use a variety of products, but our favorites are Morrocan Oil, TIGI, Artec, Chi.

HOW SHOULD I PREPARE MY STRAIGHT HAIR? At the time of our arrival, the hair should be clean and dry. We recommend to wash it the night before. You may use very little conditioner and mousse and make sure to blow dry hair completely with a brush.

HOW SHOULD I PREPARE MY CURLY HAIR? At the time of our arrival, the hair should be clean and dry. We recommend to wash it the night before. You may use very little conditioner and make sure to blow dry hair completely with a diffuser or air-dry .

DO YOUR PRICES DIFFER FOR SHORT AND LONG HAIR? No, the price for short or long hair styling is the same since it takes an equal amount of time to style. We do however charge an additional $30 for hair that is up to the waistline.

I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HAIR EXTENSIONS, CAN YOU DO THAT? Yes, we do offer human hair extensions in various colors and lengths starting at $90. It’s a great choice to add body, length or height to your hairstyle.

WHAT HAIR STYLE DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR A BEACH WEDDING? Hawaii can have pretty strong trade winds, therefore we suggest to go with a more “wind proof style” such as low chignons or up do’s. Stay away from having your hair completely down.

WHAT FLOWERS DO YOU RECOMMEND FOR THE HAIR? Our favorite flower is the cymbidium orchid and gardenia. Both have something very special. Though the orchid will last longer. Browse our flower gallery for more inspirations!

ARE THERE CERTAIN HAIRSTYLES THAT WORK BETTER WITH MY FACE SHAPE? Yes, there are certain styles that will enhance your features. We will point these out to you and you can discuss your options, best at the time of your consultation or trial session.

DO YOU HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH AFRICAN AMERICAN HAIR? Yes. We are specialized in all hair types including African American hair.

I HAVE OILY SKIN WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND? We suggest using oil free foundations such as Liquid Mineral Powder Foundation or Airbrush to keep shine and excess oils under control.

I WOULD LIKE TO WEAR FAKE EYELASHES, DO YOU CHARGE EXTRA? For a more natural look we recommend the flare lashes and for a dramatic look we recommend the full lash set. Both are available for an extra $10.00 per person.

DO YOU COVER TATTOOS? Yes, we can keep tattoos temporarily under cover with a special formulated Creme Foundation. When applied the results are flawless, undetectable and waterproof.

WHAT IF I NEED TO TOUCH UP AFTER THE CEREMONY OR PHOTOSHOOT? No problem. 1 complimentary Maleana Cosmetics touch-up kit is included in your bridal package. Additional touch-up kits can be purchased for a discounted rate of $20.00 each.

WHAT DOES THE TOUCH-UP KIT INCLUDE? The Maleana Cosmetics touch-up kit retails for $25 and includes the following: 1 translucent oil control pressed powder with powder puff for all skin tones, 1 pop up lip container for lip gloss sample (provided by your make-up artist), 1 disposable lip wand and 1 emergency cotton swab.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF AIRBRUSH MAKE-UP? Maleana's airbrush foundation is a special formulated airbrush make-up designed for brides and their wedding party getting married in Hawaii. The key benefits are as follows: *long-wearing (great for Hawaii) *water resistant *lightweight feel *flawless look *oil-free *non comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) *excellent coverage (tan lines, scars, blemishes and veins) *hypoallergenic *pure color pigments for the perfect skintone match.

CAN I PURCHASE YOUR VEILS, HAIR ACCESSORIES OR JEWELRY? Yes, we have a wide selection of unique bridal hair accessories, veils, fashion jewelry and custom made designer jewelry. The 2010 collection is now on display at our showroom. We represent the following designers: Lori Chang Designs, PowderBlue, Liz Palazios, Lisa Toland Hair Accessories and Richard Designs. Browse our selection online.

WHAT TYPE OF VEILS DO YOU HAVE? We carry a variety of veil deisgns in white, ivory, antique white, plain or embelished, fingertip or cathedral.

DO YOU DO NAILS? Unfortunately we do not do nails, but we have a preferred vendor list. Please call 808/737-3663 for more information.

DO YOU DO OUTER ISLAND WEDDINGS? Yes we do travel to Maui, Lanai, Kauai and the Big Island. Call us at 808/737.3663 for a quote.

Revised August 28, 2010